Services // Electrical Engineering

We provide the expertise required for the analysis and design of power quality and isolation for secure facilities. Uninterruptible, redundant, and off-grid power supply are critical to many of the mission-driven facilities we design. Our electrical teams work to identify the best solution for your building systems and power generation, including the exploration of renewable energy options. Ease of maintenance and a value engineering approach are always factored into our decisions of your system selection and configuration.
Our practice is not limited to low voltage applications but also includes medium voltage, up to 35kV classifications. Our expertise in system analysis includes fault current analysis, arc flashing studies, over-current selective studies, and daylight harvesting analysis.

» Electrical service, distribution, and generation
» Low and medium voltage systems
» Systems analysis: Short circuit, load flow, stability and coordination
» Systems evaluations: Existing loads, growth projections, and power quality
» Lighting and controls
» Electronic cabling systems and wire management
» Uninterruptible power
» Redundant primary electrical service, back-up generators and co-generation
» Off-grid power systems
» Conditioned power
» Lightning protection systems
» Cathodic protection
» Power distribution engineering studies
» Energy auditing 

Technology Systems
Our technology systems team’s goal is central to our mission of Building a More Secure World. Working in both classified and unclassified applications, this is done through the design of sophisticated electronic security systems, audio/video design, structured cabling systems, and telecommunication and equipment rooms. Adapting to the rapid pace of today’s technological advances, our integrated team includes communications distribution designers (RCDD), outside plant designers (OSP), electronic safety and security specialists (ESS), and certified technology specialists (CTS).

» Surveillance/CCTV
» Intrusion detection
» Fiber optic detection
» Imminent danger notification systems
» Irritant dispensing systems